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Recommended Planner Resources

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Sticker paper 

Premium Matte Sticker Paper

Want that beautiful unicorn paper that everybody is talking about? Then this is the paper you are looking for. You pay extra for the quality of the paper, but that is an investment you have to take into account if you want that premium paper

Clear glossy sticker paper 

looking for some glossy clear sticker paper? Maybe you want to make stickers to put on top of other stickers and need to be able to see through? Then this is the one you are looking for. Clear sticker paper can also be used for color coding. 

White matte standard sticker paper

Looking for some matte label/sticker paper? Then this is a good pick. This can be used for all kinds of stickers. the surface of the sticker will have the same texture as the paper you are planning on, so some of the stickers that work really well with this paper type are habit trackers, labels, checklist and other stickers where you would need to write on it to be functional to you. 

Inkjet printer  

Epson EcoTank

This is the printer I am getting in the near future. I like the low cost of the ink, the fact that I can print up to A3 paper and that it has a special ink for photo. The printer is made to be able to print some beautiful images which is the main reason I am going with this one. 

Planner supplies

Planner punchboard

I have used this punch board for a couple of years now, and I love how easy it is to make holes that match my planner. The board can punch holes for planenrs such as the erin Condren, ring bound planners, and the happy planner. If you like to add pages to your planner, this one might be for you. 

Favorite fine liner pens

Love these finer liner pens. Use them non-stop in my bullet journal. I love that they come in many different weights.  

ring bound planner

There are so many to choose from here. I am currently loving my A5 ring bound planner from Carpe diem.  

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