I am in the middle og creating a course on how you can make your very own stickers in the software illustrator from Adobe.

Whether or not you have your own sticker business or wanting to make stickers for your own use, this course is for you, if you want to make your own personalized stickers that are unique and made you.

In this course I will cover everything you need to know about illustrator in order to make your own stickers. Even if you’ve never opened illustrator before, you can take this course.

The material will cover things like:

  • How to find inspiration for your sticker kits
  • how to make a beautiful color palette for your kits
  • How to make your own clipart – digitally and turning your drawings into digital art
  • how to turn that clip art into patterns
  • how to make half boxes, full boxes, appointment labels, scalloped circles, ombre heart checklists, icons, page flags, word icons and more.

This course is just what you have been looking for, if you have wondered how people make stickers and you want to learn it too.

I am still creating it, so if you want to know more about the course as it is being made and maybe get a say in what I include, sign up below.

Oh, and I have included a resource guide on my 5 most used tools when designing stickers for free. GET THE RESOURCE GUIDE BELOW


Tool and resource guide.1png

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