by Louise

August 6, 2020

Alright, so you have a Cricut cutting machine and you would like to make planner stickers on it? I totally get it! Cutting machines are the best and open up for so many cool DIY projects, planner stickers being one of them. 

In this blog post, I go over how you would go about printing and then cutting printable planner stickers on your Cricut. I will do my very best to illustrate every part of the way and show you two different ways you can go about it, according to the sticker you are trying to cut. 

For this elaborate guide, I had some help with the steps from an experienced Cricut user (and new planner friend), as I use a silhouette myself. I know a lot of my readers have a Cricut, so I wanted to make an extensive picture-filled guide for you as well. Thank you planningwithbrandy for your help on this one! Say hi and subscribe to her channel!

Let’s get into it and make some printable planner stickers, huh?

Finding printable planner stickers for cutting

The very first thing you need to do is to get yourself some printable planner stickers. There are many places to go look for those, Etsy is one of them, but in this tutorial, I am going to show how you make your Cricut print and then cut printable planner stickers from my printable sticker subscription: The sticker lounge

When you look for printable stickers, one of the main things you have to look for is png files, with a transparent background and a blacked-out file to make your cut lines. Don’t worry I will explain it all in detail further down. 

Most printable sticker shops will make it clear what kind of files they include in their designs, so you should be able to quickly find shops that offer what you need, which is a blackout file and the designs should come in png format. As I said above, I will be showing you how to do this with files from my subscription, which offers the right files for Cricut users. 

There is also the option to make your own designs and stickers, but this blog post will not go into detail about making your own planner sticker designs. 

Now go ahead and get yourself some printable planner stickers, so you can follow along and make your first planner stickers on your Cricut today! psst… My subscription is only $6.99 and you get access to more than 100 printable sticker designs.

Uploading the printable sticker files to Cricut design space 

Great! You are off to a good start. Now that you have some printable sticker files for cutting, you open up Cricut Design Space so we can get to cutting those cuties. It will look something like this image below

Now click on “new project”, and wait for it to load and do its thing. Then you are met with this screen. 

In the toolbar to the left on the screen, you will find a button that says upload at the very bottom. You want to click that now, so we can get your printable stickers uploaded to the program. Once you click that button, you will be met with this screen. If you have uploaded files before, you will see some of the most recent here. 

Now you want to click on upload image. The left of the two options on the screen. Then you locate one of the printable sticker files on your computer, or simply drag and drop. It is my understanding that you need to upload one image at a time. So let’s see how you upload one and then you can go and upload more if you have more (I bet you do :D) 

I am gonna start with one of my icon type stickers. A type of sticker, where you would want a white rim around the sticker when it is cut. Once I have dragged the png file into the “drag and drop” box I am presented with this screen, and here I will hit the complex image type and then click on continue. 

Then you are asked if you want to erase any of the pixels in the image. This feature can be helpful, if you are working with a JPEG, where the background is white. Cricut does not understand what to cut if there is a white background, as it will just cut around the white background then. But on this file, I do not need to do anything, so I will click on continue once again. 

Now this is where it is important that we get it right. You want this file to be a print then cut image. The colored one on the left. So click that. Then make sure to name it something you can find later on and also give your file some relevant tags that will help you in the future when you need to cut it again. Then click on save.

Alright, that is the first part of uploading your printable sticker files to Cricut. Now we need to tackle the blackout file. This file is going to be your cutlines when it comes to the fun part, which is watching your Cricut doing all the heavy lifting and cut some stickers for you.  

Now you need to do the whole thing again. And not much will change, but the very last step. So I am going to show you that part now. So you have dragged and dropped, chosen complex, not erased anything, and are now at the point where you choose between “print then cut” and  “cut only”. For your blackout file, you choose “save as a cut image”. and then click on save. 

Making your printable stickers in Cricut design space

Right! let’s get to the fun part, huh? We are now at a point where we load the stickers into the software. Once you clicked save on the last step, you should be taken back to your upload screen, from where you can see your two new files. You want to click on both of the files and then hit insert images. 

Cricut Design Space will then upload the images and you’ll get to the screen you see here below. For some reason the Cricut software uploads images in other sizes than they are saved. So the first thing you should do is to resize both of your images to the right size, so the cut lines will match up on your stickers. 

You resize your stickers at the very top of your screen. Make sure that your measurements are locked. You can check by the look of the little lock above your height and width measurements.  

The printable stickers on my subscription come in two different sizes (quarter & half sheets) and this one should be set to 8,3 cm wide as that is the maximum width I can get on the Cricut and then have it cut 4 sheets on one piece of paper. 

If you don’t have your Cricut set up for the metric numbers it is pretty easy to do. I would recommend that you do that if you are setting up stickers from my subscription, as it gives the most accurate size. You can always change it back when you have sized it down. 

To set your software up to metric you do the following:

  1. Click on the three lines beside canvas at the very top left corner. 
  2. then click on settings
  3. hit metric
  4. and then click done. 

Next up you want to rearrange the two files, to make sure that the blackout in underneath. If it isn’t you are going to hide the graphics in the next step and we don’t want that. So right-click on the black file and choose to send to back.

Now, make sure that your blackout is still selected and then click on the little black square up top next to where it says line type, cut. Choose white here instead of black. This step will make sure that your printer doesn’t print the black. It will look like this.

Now click and drag over both of the images. and then find the align button at the top center in your software. Click on center

The two images should now be placed on top of each other. 

Now we want to tell Cricut how these files should be printed and cut, and in order for the Cricut to see these files as one, but only cut the (now white) blackout file, we need to click flatten at the bottom right of your software. Before you click flatten, double-check that your white is behind the actual stickers and make sure that you have them both selected. 

Once you click flatten, the black lines will disappear, and you are now ready to make your stickers. With the size we picked above you can fit 4 of these designs on one page, so go and pick another design and do the whole thing again, or simply duplicate the design 3 times, so you get the most out of your sticker paper. 

You don’t have to arrange the sticker on the page. Cricut will do that automatically.

click “make” and then follow the steps that your machine is giving you. Enjoy making a bunch of pretty stickers for your planner where the cut lines are outside of the graphics. 

Now you might be wondering how you would go about cutting stickers, where the designers have made a bleed on the stickers. You can see what I mean in the picture below. Many sticker shops set stickers up this way because silhouette machines allow this type of cutting. Cricut machines, however, does not. 

Cutting printable stickers where the designer have added a bleed

So you have a sticker like the one in the image above. This is one of my sticker sheets. The red line is where the Cricut should cut, but as you can see there is a bleed. Meaning that the colored box goes further out than the red line.

You see, Cricut has the option to add a bleed, when you are about to print your graphics, to prevent a white rim around your stickers, if your machine is cutting a little off. Silhouette does not.

So when you receive a printable sticker sheet with a bleed already applied, you need to get rid of that in Cricut, in order to have your stickers cut at the right size. 

Let me show you how you do that. 

We just went over how to upload your stickers, so I am not going to go over that again. One thing you should change though is that when you are working with printable stickers with a bleed, both your stickers and your blackout should be uploaded as a print then cut file.  If not, then Cricut will not see the images the right way, and you won’t be able to center them properly and have the bleed cut off in the right spot. 

Now upload your two files to Cricut as we did before. Those two files being the actual sticker graphics and your blackout file. Size the stickers down to the correct size. For half sheets like the one in this example, the width needs to be 16.2 cm – and these sheets can fit 2 on one piece of sticker paper.

This time you want to make sure that your blackout file is on top of your colored stickers.

Now, center the files on top of each other.

With both of the files still selected, you now need to find the button on the right lower corner in your software, called slice. Now click on that.

Cricut will reload and it will look like nothing happened. However, now you get to delete the blackout. Under that, you will find another black file. Delete that one as well. Click and drag again, and you will see that the bleed has been separated from the stickers. You can delete the bleed.

And there you have your new stickers ready to be cut. My sticker sheets will fit two on one page, so either duplicate like before or go find another sheet to print.

See how easily you can begin to print then cut your own printable stickers with your Cricut machine?

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

Until next time


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Louise is a graphic designer, a creative planner and a business owner. In her spare time, she likes to make all sorts of crafts and draw digitally. She likes to travel the world and spend time with family. She lives a wonderful life in the country of Denmark with her husband and their one-year-old little girl.

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