by Louise

December 8, 2016

How to make your listing on Etsy pop and sell more stickers. A guide for sticker makers on how to improve their photos on Etsy.

 How to make your listing on Etsy pop and sell more stickers. A guide for sticker makers on how to improve their photos on Etsy.

So you have an Etsy shop and you want your listings to sell? yeah, thought so! This post here is all about how you can take your Etsy listings to the next level with better photos. These are some of the ways I have seen Etsy sellers promoting their products with beautiful pictures that look like they were taken by pros

So do you want your Etsy photos to shine and make more sales? Keep on reading.

There are basically 3 different ways that you can make your listings stand out with beautiful and professional images on Etsy:

No1. Making your listing image digital

The first thing you can consider as a sticker maker is making your photos digital only. This is a way that is very popular with the shops selling stickers, that are little figures and similar.

By making your image digitally, you can better show your customers what your stickers look like up close, which can be difficult if you would take a picture of the sticker sheet that they would get.

By that, I am not saying that you should also list a picture of the actual sheet. I think it is important that customers get the best idea possible of what they are buying.

Making your pictures on etsy pop. How to make your listings on your etsy sticker shop beautiful and cohesive

The picture shown above was made in illustrator only, using simple shapes and colors. If you use illustrator to make your stickers, this mockup is quite easy to make, since you already know your way around the program.

No 2. making your own mockup shots, with photos you have taken yourself

Another way to showcase your stickers is by making your own mockup with photos you take around your house. by this I don’t mean taking a photo of each sticker sheet you are offering, because if you were to do so you would be very dependent on the lighting in your house, to ensure that your images are all cohesive and similar looking.

So what I actually mean is that you cut a piece of your sticker paper into size (make it match your sticker sheets) and then you place that blank piece of paper in a place with good lighting. Add some embellishments and when you are happy with the look, you take the photo straight from above.

Next, you import that photo into photoshop, add a smart object and in that object add your designs. this way you can use your perfect photo more than once and make your shop look more professional.

Once the mockup is made it is so simple to make new listing photos, but it will take some time to edit it the first time around.

The two images below show how the original photo can be used to showcase a simple sticker kit. You might want to zoom more in on the stickers, if you want to use it on Etsy, so the customers can get a better look at the stickers. 

Original mock up before adding smart objects and image of stickers

Sticker mockup with own photo. how to make your own mockups for your sticker business.

Now that the mockup is made I can replace the sticker sheets in a matter of seconds and at the same time I know that my images in the shop will look cohesive.

I would maybe have a couple of different images that all have the same feel and color palette to avoid all the pictures being identical.

No 3 buying a stock photo and adding your own graphics to it

The third thing you can do is to buy a stock photo that you really like, and then add your sticker graphics to that photo. Doing this you ensure that your images are professional looking and that you get the exact look that you are after.

The pros of doing this are that the photos you buy are taken by professional photographers, which means the photos are clear, crisp and of high quality. Stock photos are often bright and playful in colors, which stands out on Etsy.

In photoshop you can place a photo of your graphics and easily place a drop shadow, which makes it look a bit more like your stickers are actually part of the picture.

If this is the option you are going for, you should look for photos that have a quite large area for you to place your stickers in, and again buy more than one, in the same style. You do this to accommodate different types of stickers and also these photos could be used on your social media channels.  

Now I am no pro in photoshop, simply because I like illustrator so much more, but I think my editing here works fine compared to the shops I have measured against on Etsy. The first picture is one with a lot of white space where I can easily place a lot of different sticker sheets and the other is one I think is great for social media. Both of the images are some that I have used on Instagram to let people know about the printable sticker subscription that I am working on 🙂

The beautiful stock photos are from HauteChocolate and I have actually received them for free via her newsletter. There is a little tip for you. 

Sticker sheet on bought mockup

using stock photo to promote your listings on Etsy

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions and let’s chat in the comments below.




About the author

Louise is a graphic designer, a creative planner and a business owner. In her spare time, she likes to make all sorts of crafts and draw digitally. She likes to travel the world and spend time with family. She lives a wonderful life in the country of Denmark with her husband and their one-year-old little girl.

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  1. If you have multiple sticker sheets per Silhouette cut file, how do you extract out an image of only 1 of those sheets to add to the mockup? Without comprising the image quality of the stickers. Is there a special program you use?

    1. Hi, Jane 🙂

      I make all my designs in Illustrator and then send them to silhouette from there.
      In illustrator, it is very easy for me to save images of the individual sheets and then lay them over the mockup, which I do in Photoshop.

      If you don’t know how to use those programs another way of doing this would be to save/print to a jpeg file from silhouette and then crop your image in an editor, like Picmonkey (free software).
      If you want to know more about how you print to a PNG/Jpeg or pdf you can take a look at this blog post that I found 🙂

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