by Louise

October 27, 2016

Why making your own clipart is essential when you are runing a sticker business

Why making your own clipart is essential when you are runing a sticker business

Today I want to tell you  all about why it is that you should be making your very own clipart. There are sooo many good reasons to why that is the best idea you could ever implement in your sticker business.

Before we get started let’s just clear what I mean by clip art. Clip art is the digital elements you use in your sticker kit creations. This is both your icons, your patterns are made from clip art, your deco stickers and your functional sticker elements, like meal time, nail polishes or the sofa you use for your lazy day sticker 🙂

Now that you are with me on what clipart is, let me tell you a few of the reasons why you should make your own, in contrast to buying it from Etsy, creative market, Freepik and so on.

No. 1 You can be unique in the realm of sticker businesses

I think the best reason to making your own clip art is pretty straight forward, which is the very fact that the clipart would be yours, and you’re alone.

This gives you the very big advantage of being unique in your business. No one will ever to able to copy you and make the same stickers that you do.

As the sticker community has expanded over the past year, I see more and more shops that are releasing their own designs, and the customers love that the designs are exclusive to the shops that they are buying from. Some of the shops that don’t make their own designs are partnering up with creative artists, that design a set of artwork exclusively for the shops.

The designs that shops are using are portraying what kind of business it is and the style of it, so by making your own – you get to be your own business, in every way. 

No 2. Being unique = no copycats

Nobody likes that others have the right to copy what they have worked hard on, and the same is true for sticker shops.  Making your own clipart will make sure that no other shop can just buy the same artwork and make a kit/sheet similar to yours.

If you are already in the sticker business you know that the sticker owners are multiplying like crazy, so being your own business with unique art is a huge advantage.

I feel like every time one of the big shops are releasing a new kit, 20 other shops are releasing a kit with the same clip art. It makes the market so price competitive because all the shops basically sell the same stickers.

By making your own clip art, no one can really copy you and your style.

No. 3 It gives you complete control of your color palette

It also gives you complete freedom with the color scheme that you are using in your business. Often when you buy your clipart, whether or not it is icons or artwork, the colors are specified when you buy – and it is pretty hard to change those colors into your own, which often result in you having to set your business color options to the ones the clipart artist is offering.

And if you like to offer the same colors in all your different sheets/products, you then can only buy from the same artist, that sells her/his clipart in the colors you want to use.

Now you know some of the reasons to why you should be making your own clip art. If you don’t know how to do just that, I want to help you out.

I am in the middle of creating a course specifically on the topic of making stickers in illustrator. Everything you need to know about how to make stickers, from creating your color palette to making patterns and setting up your kit.

In the meantime, I have created my own cheatsheet on some of my most used supplies and tools when I design my stickers. Sign up right here and get instant access to the cheatsheet.

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Louise is a graphic designer, a creative planner and a business owner. In her spare time, she likes to make all sorts of crafts and draw digitally. She likes to travel the world and spend time with family. She lives a wonderful life in the country of Denmark with her husband and their one-year-old little girl.

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