by Louise

October 20, 2016

Why I always save en png and never in jpeg when saving my printable stickers

Why I always save my printable stickers in png and never in jpeg

So the sticker business is expanding like crazy, you have probably noticed that too. Whether you are completely new to the game or has been thinking about joining for some time, you have probably noticed that so many people are fascinated with stickers, and more and more are starting their own businesses.

With such a high level of competition it is really important to give the best impression, because your customers will have ease at finding another business that offers something similar to your amazing products.

This is the main reason why I wanted to share this with you today – you want to be the best you can, right?

Well if you sell printables in your sticker business I have something very important to share with you and that is: PLEASE DON’T SAVE YOUR STICKER PRINTABLES AS JPEG AND PDF ONLY!!

Okay so now you are thinking: Why not? everybody is doing it.

Yeah I know – It is pretty common. One Jpg and a PDF with a printable purchase… and you know what? For most people that is perfectly fine, but for some of your customers this will give them a negative first impression, and some might steer away from your shop because of it.

Here is why it will cause problems for some people. JPEG does not support CMYK colors – did you know that?

Why you need to offer png when you are selling printable stickers

Well whenever I design stickers I do it in CMYK, so I know the colors are actually what will print on my printer – If you are not using CMYK and don’t know why you should – I direct you to this blog post about the colors and why it is important to know about them.

However, recently I got a new computer and had to face this problem the hard way. All my designs were all of a sudden inverted in their colors. When I opened them up in photoshop and illustrator the colors were fine, but with my normal image-viewer the colors were skewed and there was nothing I could do about it, but to change all the images and resave them in another format – because when I printed the image, the printer would print the inverted colors. 

The thing is, the problem is not within the image itself – it is your computer monitor that will decide whether or not to display the colors in the “wrong” or “right” way. For me it became clear that I had to find another file format, where these problems wouldn’t arise , so I did some research and here is what I found out:

PNG does support the CMYK color palette. And i was like – yeah gurl, this is my new jam. However, I did some research on the format. You problaby know that PNG is the one that offers transparency, right? Well, did you also know that the format is a of a lossless kind? – meaning that the quality of the images will be the best they can.

I think that is stinking amazing!

BUT .. here it is. With lossless images you get some big file sizes. For my use it doesn’t really matter, they are not that much bigger than my “high as you can go” JPEG images, but before you decide to save your printables in PNG, please consider if the file size will be a matter to you.

I would recommend that you from now on always save your printable stickers in PDF, JPEG and PNG so that you are sure that all computers will be able to read the files properly and your customers will have no reason to not purchase from you again.

Here is how you save your printables as a PNG from illustrator:

First go to -> file -> export. Then this will show up on your screen. Choose the PNG format and name your file, press the use artboards, then hit the export button.


Then you want to make sure that you have set the quality to high (300 Dpi), your anti aliasing to art optimized and your background to white.


Once you have done that you can go ahead and hit save/ok and your file is ready to be zipped with the other file formats you are offering.

I hope you found this helpful – Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Louise is a graphic designer, a creative planner and a business owner. In her spare time, she likes to make all sorts of crafts and draw digitally. She likes to travel the world and spend time with family. She lives a wonderful life in the country of Denmark with her husband and their one-year-old little girl.

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