How to get the perfect kiss cut stickers every time using your silhouette

Today I will guide you through how I make my kiss cut stickers and how you can too, sounds good? #yeah!

I know this is a very common problem when cutting stickers. You need to make perfect cuts – and there is nothing more annoying than having printed a wonderful sheet and then the silhouette cuts right through the paper!

What is a kiss cut you ask?

Let us take a step back :). A kiss cut is what we call the cut made on stickers, basically. So it is the cut where your machine is cutting through the first layer of your sticker paper, but not the whole way through – you know,  the backing is intact. Just like the picture below. 

What is kiss cut stickers?

So how do you find the perfect cut settings for your machine? You know that every machine has different needs? Yeah .. So what may work for others might not work for you. This is why I wanted to share with you how I found my perfect cut settings for my machine and how you can too.

The first thing you need to know is that every machine is different. It is quite important to understand that this is very true! what this means is that you cannot just simply ask in facebook groups what their cut settings are for a type of paper. It might get you an idea of where you need to go with yours, but it is absolutely not for sure that their settings will work with your machine. It all depends on how old your blade is, the stickiness of your mat and more. So then what?

Once you know that you have to find the settings on your own, you need to get out your paper and try, try, try and try again – sounds pretty simple right? Well, it is 🙂

BUT!! instead of printing your stickers and wasting ink until you get it right – you simply load the paper (and optionally the mat) into your machine and start cutting squares. Yes, that is how I do it with every new paper type I try.

Simply draw a bunch of squares onto your paper (in the software) beside each other and start cutting. Each square with a different setting – you can write under each square if you want to remember the settings.

Then once your machine has cut a square you unload from the machine and check to see whether it has cut through the first piece, but not the backing – and at one point it will have done just that – and there are the perfect cut settings for that type of paper with your silhouette machine.

Now it is important that you save the settings in your software, so you know that your settings are the right ones for that specific type of paper, and you don’t accidentally mess up and ruin your beautiful stickers.

Now, this part is actually really simple. All you do is to check that your settings are right in the cutting area when you are sure that they are, you simply hit the little cross to make your own preset and call it something that makes sense to you. You can see mine “label cheap” – yeah, “great” name I know (sighs), but it makes sense to me, and I know that this is for my cheap ass “testing the design” paper.

saving your settings for kiss cut stickers

I hope you found this helpful and want to experiment with your own paper and settings now, so you don’t waste paper again – besides the times when your machine has a life of its own – we all know that happens 😀

How do you do it? I would love to know – write me in the comments below.



    1. I am so happy to hear that you found it helpful and hopefully have less of a struggle in the future when you are cutting stickers! 🙂

  1. I did what you said, I tried and re-tried square after square… and I hit it just right on about the 9th cut. Thanks for taking the time to ‘teach’. My stickers come off the paper perfectly. I use the premiere silhouette blade at 3, speed 8 force 15 and thats the perfect cut for MY machine.

  2. I went through 4 sheets – 4 sheets! – of accidental-die-cut stickers. I was SO frustrated, and regretting my Silhouette purchase. Then I found your page. Thank you thank you thank you! It took me 6 test squares to find my perfect setting with the paper I’m using. I wrote it down and saved it as a setting so I won’t forget. Genius!

  3. I’ve just wasted 6 sheets of matt and glossy sticker papers trying to cut planner stickers. This ‘cut the squares’ really does make a lof sense! I will try it right now. Thank you so much for this helpful tip! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad I found your page… I was so thrilled to be able to cut my own stickers, then bummed when my cutter cut right through, even on the “sticker paper” setting… I’m definitely doing this, and will report back my success on it. THANK YOU!

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