Want to know the resources I use when making stickers?

I have spent a lot of time researching materials and equipment for making stickers for my different planners. Click below to see my recommendations. 

Did you come for the sticker printables?

This is the home of the printable sticker subscription, the sticker lounge. A sticker membership, where YOU get to choose the colors of your stickers. 

Want to know more about the membership, or try one of the completely free files before you become a member? click on the button below. I can't wait to have you join our printable sticker community.

Some of the custom stickers you get access to

Want to Know a Little More?

These are some of the things that make the sticker lounge subscription unique and one of kind. Keep on reading to get a little more insight into this special subscription with printable stickers.

New content all the time

New stickers are added weekly so you never run out of fun new stickers to print and cut at home. You can request stickers, if you feel like something is missing in the library, to make sure you are happy with your subscription.

Made for cutting machines

The printable stickers are made for cutting machines. When you cut labels, there is a border to ensure you don't get a white border and for icons I have made an offset to ensure you arent' cutting into the icon - even if your machine is a little off.

Choose your own colors

The printable sticker sheets aren't made for you, because in this subscription you are the boss. You get to set your own colors, so the stickers will match your planning style and your favorite colors all the time. Simply choose a sheet and then customize the colors to fit you.

I want to provide a place where planner people can get help in creating their own stickers. So whether you want to make your own custom stickers or customize printables to you, and you alone - this is the place for you.”


I am the creator behind the blog here on stick and plan. I created the blog back in 2016 because I wanted to help fellow creatives, who want to make and cut their own stickers. 

Recently me and my husband have launched a printable sticker subscription, the sticker lounge. It has been a passion project of mine for years, and I hope you'll love the concept just as much as I do. 

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